John Kalafat, PhD
The John Kalafat Awards
In Applied Community Psychology
The Society for Community
Research and Action

John Kalafat's life work integrated the principles and research of community psychology with their practical applications. John left a rich legacy in the published literature and in the many communities he helped strengthen.

To continue John Kalafat's vision, two annual awards have been created in his honor, sponsored by the Society for Community Research and Action of the American Psychological Association.

John Kalafat, PhD
About John Kalafat

John was a pioneer in community psychology. He was an internationally recognized expert in youth suicide prevention and crisis intervention who consulted with state, national and overseas organizations. From co-founding a crisis counseling center to authoring books on youth suicide and divorce, John was at the forefront of his field. His most recent publication of crisis line evaluation has been central in guiding the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. His Lifelines curriculum is a nationally disseminated, evidence-based youth suicide prevention program. John was past president of the American Association of Suicidology, a fellow in the Society for Community Research & Action and Psychotherapy divisions of APA, and a professor in the Rutgers Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology. His career spanned 40 years and embodied the "scientist-practitioner" model: his passion for research was driven by his love for getting directly involved with the people intervening with individuals in crisis. John, who passed away in late October, 2007, has left a global legacy and a model for all of us to follow.